Should I Tell My Partner?

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By Steve Page

If you have had sex or intimate sexual contact with this person then they may have the infection.

If you find out you are positive for HIV and syphilis and you have ever shared a needle then the person or people you have shared with may have these infections.

What will happen if my partner/partners are not told?

If you have a treatable infection then you will become re-infected if you have sex with them again.

They may pass the infection onto others.

Both men and women may develop serious health problems.

The earlier HIV is identified the better chance a person has at living a full and active life.

How do I tell them?

We understand that it can seem daunting to talk about something so personal. The nurse/health advisor can help you find the best way to approach your partner.

What if I do not wish to tell them myself?

The health advisor can arrange to do this for you in a confidential way without mentioning your name.

What is HIV?