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The Sexual Health Network, Greater Manchester. NHS

Kit Request - HIV & Syphilis

Who can order a HIV Testing Kit

We are currently only offering test kits to people aged 16 and over

Availability is dependent upon your personal risk history and where you live

Hull and East Riding:

  • These kits are available to anyone over 16 who is resident in Hull and East Riding
  • These samples will be tested for HIV AND syphilis

Greater Manchester:

            We would prefer to contact you by phone to give you your results. We need 2 separate methods of contacting you to process these results properly please complete on both the questionnaire and the testing form

  • These kits are available to anyone over 16 who identifies as a gay,bisexual or other Men who have sex with Men (MSM) ONLY 
  • Kits can also be collected in person from LGF office in Manchester City Centre
  • Please be aware that this test is for HIV ONLY and samples will not be tested for syphilis

 Tameside and Glossop:

  • These kits are available to anyone over 16 who identifies as having a risk other than being gay, bisexual or other MSM and are resident in Tameside and Glossop
  • These samples will be tested for HIV and syphilis

Gay, bisexual and other MSM resident in Tameside & Glossop will receive a kit as part of the LGF scheme


If you are not eligible to receive a kit through the post then we would advise you attend your nearest Sexual Health Clinic 

Any request received that does not meet the criteria for these offers or from anyone under 16  will not be sent

About the Test Kit

The Dry Blood Spot Test that we are offering is of a high standard and if taken correctly is as accurate as any blood test taken in any clinic for HIV and syphilis.

With early diagnosis, treatment can keep the HIV virus under control and the immune system healthy. People on HIV treatment can live a long and healthy, active life. However if HIV is diagnosed late, treatment may be less effective and therefore affect quality of life.

HIV and syphilis tests MAY NOT ALWAYS find recently acquired infections: It may take up to 3 months for a new infection to give a positive result.

As with any test for Syphilis or/and HIV if you have a positive test you will need to attend a clinic for further blood test to confirm result and to speak to a member of staff about the result.

Ordering The Test Kit

In order for you to receive an HIV and Syphilis testing kit in the post you must complete the following self-assessment triage form.

1.) Were you born outside of this country?
2.) Have you ever had sex with anyone born outside of this country?
3.) Have you ever injected drugs?
4.) Have you ever had sex with someone that you know has injected drugs?
5.) Have you ever had sex with someone that you knew was positive for Syphilis or HIV?
6.) Have you ever paid for or been paid for sex?
7.) Are you a man that has ever had any form of sexual contact with a man?
8.) Are you a woman that has ever had sex with a man who you know has had sex with another man?
9.) Have you had a previous HIV test?
Please answer ALL questions

If you chose not to request or send back a requested kit please can you tell us why?

Call 0800 0461303: (Confidential Advice Line)
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